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Promethium (one hundred mg or even doses as little as 25 mg) for 10 days per month should protect a patient from hyperplasia and uterine cancer. When you or your doctor is anxious, a pelvic ultrasound might be carried out (and repeated yearly if either of you feels essential) to ensure the uterine lining is less than 9 mm thick. Sadly, regardless that Prometrium is bioidentical Progesterome, it only is available in capsules of two sizes, a hundred mg or 200 mg. I have patients that may only tolerate 75 mg, or those that want 125 mg, and so on., and so forth. So, in these instances, I change the Prometrium to compounded bioidentical progesterone, dosed either as a capsule, decadron generic sublingual lozenge, or as a transdermal cream. What you might be doing (Prometrium 10 days/month, one pump Estrogel) "may very well be working for you" silagra without a doctor prescription frustrating symptoms, unintended effects, or any elevated threat of most cancers. However if you're having sizzling flashes, night time sweats, generic nolvadex temper swings, generic vermox dryness (vagininal, pores and skin, mouth, eyes), generic toprol insomnia, anxiety, depression, low libido, fats weight acquire, reminiscence/concentration issues (mind fog), and many others., and or unwanted side effects (such because the headaches and depression you mentioned), maybe your hormones may very well be tweaked to get you better results. You can ask your present physician advice on what to do subsequent. I don't give patient-particular medical advice on dosing changes here (and buy tadora you might not even need any changes to your regimen), however when you want a second opinion, there are medical doctors reminiscent of myself that do take on difficult cases reminiscent of yours. generic tadapox